The Procter & Gamble Company

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Møtedato: 13/10/2020

Registeringsdato: 14/08/2020

Møtetype: Annual

Sikkerhets-ID: 742718109

Forslag Ledelsens anbefalning Stemme
Management proposals
1a Forslag Elect Director Francis S. Blake Ledelsens anbefalning For Stemme For
1b Forslag Elect Director Angela F. Braly Ledelsens anbefalning For Stemme For
1c Forslag Elect Director Amy L. Chang Ledelsens anbefalning For Stemme For
1d Forslag Elect Director Joseph Jimenez Ledelsens anbefalning For Stemme For
1e Forslag Elect Director Debra L. Lee Ledelsens anbefalning For Stemme For
1f Forslag Elect Director Terry J. Lundgren Ledelsens anbefalning For Stemme For
1g Forslag Elect Director Christine M. McCarthy Ledelsens anbefalning For Stemme For
1h Forslag Elect Director W. James McNerney, Jr. Ledelsens anbefalning For Stemme For
1i Forslag Elect Director Nelson Peltz Ledelsens anbefalning For Stemme For
1j Forslag Elect Director David S. Taylor Vote rationale: The board should exercise objective judgement on corporate affairs and be able to make decisions independently of management. The roles of chairperson and CEO should not be held by the same individual. Where a company founder combines both roles, we may support this for a limited period, provided the board has put in place measures to mitigate any conflicts of interest. Global Voting Guidelines Deling av rollene som styreleder og administrerende direktør Ledelsens anbefalning For Stemme Against
1k Forslag Elect Director Margaret C. Whitman Ledelsens anbefalning For Stemme For
1l Forslag Elect Director Patricia A. Woertz Ledelsens anbefalning For Stemme For
2 Forslag Ratify Deloitte & Touche LLP as Auditors Ledelsens anbefalning For Stemme For
3 Forslag Advisory Vote to Ratify Named Executive Officers' Compensation Ledelsens anbefalning For Stemme For
4 Forslag Approve Qualified Employee Stock Purchase Plan Ledelsens anbefalning For Stemme For
Shareholder proposals
5 Forslag Report on Efforts to Eliminate Deforestation Vote rationale: The board should account for material sustainability risks facing the company, and the broader environmental and social consequences of its operations and products. Sustainability disclosures should be aligned with applicable global reporting standards and frameworks to support investors in their analysis of risks and opportunities. Where a company‚Äôs disclosure does not meet our needs as a financial investor, we will consider supporting a well-founded shareholder proposal calling for reasonable disclosure. We will not support a shareholder proposal that appears to impose a strategy or prescribe detailed methods, unrealistic timeframes or targets for implementation. Global Voting Guidelines Selskapers bærekraftrapportering Ledelsens anbefalning Against Stemme For
6 Forslag Publish Annually a Report Assessing Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Ledelsens anbefalning Against Stemme Against

Important legal notice

Norges Bank Investment Management’s, the asset management division of Norges Bank, approach to responsible investing includes disclosing our voting decisions. This is only intended to provide information and is not solicitation or encouragement as to how others should vote. This disclosure is not investment or financial research, investment or financial advice or a recommendation regarding the advisability or suitability of any particular action related to a specific company. Norges Bank Investment Management’s voting decisions are made internally and have not been discussed or agreed with other shareholders. Norges Bank Investment Management is not subject to any prohibition on dealing after the publication of this disclosure. While every effort has been made to ensure the information contained in its voting disclosures is correct, Norges Bank Investment Management cannot guarantee its accuracy and these disclosures should not be relied upon. Norges Bank Investment Management’s holdings available for voting from time to time may differ from those set out in published lists of its holdings. Norges Bank Investment Management publishes its holdings annually as at year end.

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