Kommunikasjon med fondets eiere, offentligheten og andre interessenter er viktig for å bygge tillit til vår forvaltning av fondet og for å sikre at forvalteroppdraget vårt har legitimitet.

Utstedt 17. juni 2011
Sist oppdatert 9. august 2017

Retningslinjen er kun tilgjengelig på engelsk.


This policy outlines principles for external and internal communication to promote knowledge and awareness of the fund's objective and our management of the fund, and to ensure that communication is well coordinated and managed.


Norges Bank Investment Management seeks to be professional, responsible and transparent in how we fulfil our management assignment. We believe that communication with the fund's owners, the general public and various stakeholders is essential to build confidence in our investment management activities and to ensure broad legitimacy for the management assignment.

Internal communication shall facilitate information sharing within the organisation to support the values and strategic objectives of the organisation.

External communication

  • Our external communication shall be as relevant and transparent as possible taking into account regulatory requirements relating to confidentiality and market sensitivity that may limit the distribution of certain types of information.
  • We will be open about market performance, but not about how we regard single investments.
  • We will be open and explain our financial results both from a short-term perspective and in relation to the overall objective of the fund.
  • We will be open about how the organisation is managed, but will not comment on individual contracts or business relationships.
  • We aim to send consistent and clear messages on key issues related to our investment activities and will seek to proactively address topics of importance and relevance to the media and general public.
  • The website www.nbim.no shall be the main information and communication channel.
  • We will use different communication channels to convey our messages in an efficient and timely manner.
  • We will interact with media through press conferences, press releases, interviews and press seminars to give more in-depth information about defined topics relating to its investment activities.
  • Enquiries from the public shall be answered in a timely manner and requests for information by the media or other stakeholders shall be replied on without unnecessary delay.
  • We will participate in leading conferences and seminars where the attendance is considered important and where our messages can reach key target groups.
  • Only designated employees have the authority to give public statements and interviews or handle media requests on behalf of Norges Bank Investment Management.
  • Internal roles and responsibilities for external communication and relations shall be laid down in guidelines.

Internal communication

  • Internal communication shall facilitate information sharing within the organisation to support the values and strategic objectives of the organisation.
  • The intranet shall provide information that the employees need to fulfil their roles and responsibilities, as well as information about their obligations and rights as employees.
  • The intranet is the main channel for internal communication.
  • Distribution of internal information shall take into account the principles and requirements for information security set out in the security policy.

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