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Snorre Gjerde, Lead Investment Stewardship Manager

Snorre Gjerde has always enjoyed working at the intersection between finance and sustainability. He began his career on the fund’s graduate programme and landed his dream job on completing it. He is now part of a team focusing on environmental issues in the fund’s ownership department.

Malin Norberg, Global Head of Fixed Income Trading

Malin leads a team based in Singapore, Oslo, London and New York, and she loves having the whole world as her workplace. She has been at the fund for more than 12 years now. “I’ve had new roles and challenges the whole time, which is one of the reasons I’m still here,” Malin says.

Matt Hadley, Lead Technical Architect

Matt has been interested in technology and how things fit together since he was small. He began by dismantling and reassembling a vacuum cleaner, and was building websites by his teens. It was a short hop to a career in technology. Matt is excited by the fund’s focus on technology, as well as the strategic choices that set it apart from other organisations.

Haakon Husøy, Graduate

“This is the place for someone who is curious, values the fund’s global outlook, and has an interest in investment, technology or the intersection of the two. You won’t find a place this exciting”, says Graduate Haakon Husøy. He found applying for the programme an easy decision.

Oscar Hjelde, ESG Data Analyst

Oscar Hjelde started his career at the fund as a summer intern in 2021. With his technical background, Oscar knew little about finance when applied for the program, but that would soon change. He is now in a permanent position working on sustainability and data analysis in our ownership department.

Pernille Fathi, former summer intern

Pernille Fathi is a trained physicis. The leap to the world of finance and the fund might seem a big one. Just how big is what Pernille wanted to find out. Pernille worked on a project that involved simulating the European power market, and this proved a perfect match for the physicist. Her physics background turned out not to be as unusual as she expected.

Walid Demloj, former summer intern

Walid Demloj is a computer science graduate now studying artificial intelligence. He spent summer 2022 as a summer intern at the fund, where he and four others developed models to calculate the probability of a stock gaining or losing against the market.

Ellinor Palliotto, former summer intern

Ellinor spent summer 2022 as an intern at our London office, working closely with one of the fund’s portfolio managers. Together, they looked into what kinds of technology could help reduce carbon emissions in the North American rail sector. Having one of our portfolio managers as her closest colleague for a whole summer meant that she learned about much more than railways and decarbonisation.

Career opportunities

Graduate programme

Our graduate programme gives you the opportunity to rotate between a variety of departments with different responsibilities. The programme is based primarily in Oslo, but with the possibility of working abroad.

Summer internship

Our summer internship gives current students an opportunity to gain unique work experience at one of the world's largest and most progressive investment funds.


We are always on the lookout for top investors, tech talents and other skilled professionals both in Norway and abroad, and we offer fantastic opportunities for students and recent graduates..