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Graduate programme

Our graduate programme offers exciting career opportunities in an international organisation managing one of the world’s largest investment funds. You will be given extensive training in various roles across the organisation.

Applications for our 2025 graduate programme are open from 12 August until 25 August.

“Working in an organisation that’s so small in size yet so global and influential represents the learning opportunity of a lifetime,” says former graduate Haakon Husøy.

Personal and professional development opportunities

Managing the fund is an important and complex undertaking. To succeed in this, we need the best people, so we are keen to recruit and retain young talent in a range of disciplines. The graduate programme is for those looking to work in areas such as:

  • Investment management
  • Responsible investment
  • Risk management and compliance
  • Technology and IT

We offer good opportunities for personal and professional development. You will receive extensive training and be assigned both a corporate mentor and a buddy to support you in your new role.

"The most exciting thing is being part of company meetings with top management from different companies we are invested in", says Marta Pelino, graduate in Equities.


Diversity brings the best results

Our objective is to generate the highest possible return, so we need to take the best possible decisions, have a broad outlook and be creative. The more diverse we are, the better the results we will achieve.

We are looking for talented individuals with different backgrounds and mindsets who enjoy taking chances. We are not afraid to make mistakes, because that is how we learn and improve. We welcome candidates from different academic disciplines and from different socio-economic and minority groups.

So that people thrive in our competitive, hard-working and high-performing organisation, we set great store by them having fun at work.

The graduate programme is for final-year students and recent graduates with up to two years of work experience post graduation who:

  • take the initiative, are curious and have a desire to learn
  • are team players, flexible and happy to take chances
  • have an international mindset
  • can demonstrate resilience
  • have a genuine interest in the fund's mission and in a job with a real purpose
"Risk is a really good place to work because you get a good overview of the whole organisation", says Matthew Ng, graduate in Risk.

How to apply

We open applications to the graduate programme early in the first semester of the academic year, with the programme starting at the end of the following summer. The application deadline for the 2025 programme is on 25 August. To qualify, you must be currently enrolled in a Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD degree program scheduled to graduate before August 2025. Alternatively, if you have already completed your studies, you may still be eligible if you have up to two years of work experience after graduation.

To apply, you need to complete an electronic application form where we ask for your CV and general questions about your motivation. 

  • 1
    Fill in your resume in the application form
    To complete your application, fill in the structured resume section in the application form, ensuring that all required fields are properly completed. Please note that incomplete resumes will not be considered. It is advisable to have someone review your resume before submission. Please keep your cover letter as succint as possible. During this step, you also have the option to upload other relevant documents.
  • 2
    Convert your grades to Grade Point Average (GPA)
    GPA converter
  • 3
    Answer the motivational questions
    Be specific and provide relevant examples to support your motivation. Try to be original but stay authentic and sincere. Additionally, highlight your commitment to ongoing learning and demonstrate how your values align with those of the organisation.
  • 4
    Choose your preferred business areas
    You will be asked to choose two business areas that align with your career interests, in order of preference. Your selection will assist us in directing your application to the appropriate teams and determining the departments in which you will rotate during the programme. Kindly note that while we will strive to accommodate your first choice, it may not always be feasible.
    Career opportunities Meet our graduates
  • 5
    Initial HR interview
    If your application is selected, you will hear from us shortly after the application deadline has passed. You will be invited to participate in a virtual interview with one of our recruiters. We will ask you about your story and motivation to join Norges Bank Investment Management.
  • 6
    Selected candidates will be invited to an assessment centre
    The assessment will be held at our headquarters in Oslo over one full day and will consist of a group exercise designed to evaluate your teamwork skills, contribution, and problem-solving capabilities. In addition, you will have two interviews with relevant people from the business who will assess your fit for the graduate role.
  • 7
    Final interviews
    We will invite the top candidates for final interviews with upper management at Norges Bank Investment Management before we make our offers for the positions.

Do you have any further questions?

Please contact us at:

Applicants must be of sound character with personal finances in order and must be security approved in accordance with Norges Bank’s rules. Applicants will be required to submit a police certificate of conduct. Education and work experience will be verified.

Owen Yang, Graduate in Asset Strategies

"The most important thing is to have a passion for making money", says Owen Yang, graduate in Asset Strategies.

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