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A podcast about our investments

We are transparent about how the fund is invested. In this podcast, you get a deeper insight into the companies the fund is invested in. Our CEO, Nicolai Tangen, has in-depth interviews with CEOs of some of the largest companies in the world. You will get insight into their leadership principles, the company’ strategy and how they are dealing with a large investor like us. You will also learn more about our role as an owner of the companies.

David Epstein: The power of generalists

Dario Amodei CEO of Anthropic: Claude, new models, AI safety and economic impact

Exor CEO John Elkann: Family ownership, football and Ferrari

Howard Marks: Oaktree Capital, Investment philosophy, risk and randomness

Adobe CEO: Creativity, innovation and unreasonable expectations

Cal Newport: How to eliminate distractions and stay focused

Atlas Copco CEO: Culture, performance, mistakes and accountability

Porsche and Volkswagen CEO: Leadership, iconic cars & Chinese competition

Rachel Botsman: How to build and maintain trust

Citadel Founder and CEO: Investing, innovation, culture, and politics

Marc Andreessen live at our Investment Conference: AI, disruption, US vs. Europe and making money

Shell CEO: Energy, security, transition and leadership

Sal Khan CEO & Founder of Khan Academy: Personalized education, AI and the drive to learn

Elon Musk: AI, Space, free speach, leadership and hardcore

Alibaba co-founder and Chair: China, Jack Ma, AI and basketball

DoorDash co-Founder and CEO: food delivery, first order and hard work

RBI CEO and Chair: Burger King, coffee, speed and trust

Microsoft CEO: AI, chip shortage, empathy and poetry

UBS CEO: Surprise comeback, Credit Suisse, and winning

Northvolt CEO: Batteries, sustainability, Elon Musk and speed

London Stock Exchange Group CEO: Leadership, CEO pay and busting silos

Annie Duke: Quitting, Bill Gates and poker

Domino's CEO: Pizza, pineapple and courage

Rentokil Initial CEO: Pest Control, AI and dealmaking

Siemens CEO: Automation, digital twin and grit

Citi CEO: Restructuring, leadership, and empathy

Live podcast with Daniel Ek Founder & CEO Spotify: The future of audio, AI in music and motivation

Volvo Chair: Leadership, crisis management and CEO vs. Chair

Brookfield CEO: Private vs. public markets, investment style and value creation

CEO of Amazon Web Services: Cloud, GenAI, two pizza rule and customer obsession

Morgan Stanley Chair and CEO: Succession, culture, stress, and leadership

Hilton Group CEO: What makes a good hotel?

Tim Höttges CEO of Deutsche Telekom: Future for connectivity, 5G and AI

Sony Chair & CEO: Future of gaming, music, AI and Japanese culture

Thomas Curran: Perfectionism – The power of good enough in a world that always wants more

Ignacio Galán Chair of Iberdrola: Energy transition, permits, speed and values

Ajay Banga President of World Bank: Poverty, development, BRICS and India

Ana Botin Executive Chair of Santander: Future of banking, inflation and women in finance

Bjørn Gulden CEO of Adidas: shoes, leadership, and fast decisions

Sam Altman CEO of OpenAI: ChatGPT, Future of AI, AGI, and China

Adam Grant: Give & Take, Think Again, and the Future of Work

Vice Chair and President of Microsoft: AI and Geopolitics

Chris Kempczinski CEO of McDonald's

François Jackow CEO of Air Liquide

Darren Woods CEO of ExxonMobil

James Quincey CEO and Chair of Coca-Cola

Carol B. Tomé CEO of UPS

Stephen Schwarzman Founder and CEO of Blackstone

Guest: Jensen Huang Founder and CEO of Nvidia

Guest: Dara Khosrowshahi CEO of Uber

Guest: Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen CEO of Novo Nordisk

Guest: Patrick Pouyanné CEO and Chairman of TotalEnergies

Guest: Jean-Pascal Tricoire CEO and Chairman of Schneider Electric

Bonus episode: Bill Gates

Guest: Nandan Nilekani Co-founder and Chairman of Infosys

Guest: Henry Fernandez CEO of MSCI

Guest: Larry Fink CEO and Chairman of BlackRock

Guest: Carolina Dybeck Happe CFO of General Electric

Guest: Albert Baehny Chairman of Lonza and Geberit

Guest: Michael O'Leary CEO of Ryanair

Guest: Helena Helmersson CEO of H&M Group

Guest: Bob Shapek CEO of Disney

Guest: Mark Schneider CEO of Nestlé

Guest: Lisa Su CEO of AMD

Bonus episode: Psychological safety with Amy Edmondson

Guest: Reed Hasting Founder and co-CEO of Netflix

Guest: Benedetto Vigna CEO of Ferrari

Bonus episode: Grit with Angela Duckworth

Guest: Ilham Kadri CEO of Solvay

Guest: Jochen Zeitz CEO of Harley Davidson

Guest: Jean Jacques Guiony CFO of LVMH

Guest: Stephane Bancel CEO of Moderna

Guest: Nicolas Hieronimus CEO of L'Oréal

Guest: Henrik Ehrnrooth CEO of KONE

Guest: Mary Barra CEO of General Motors

Guest: David Solomon CEO of Goldman Sachs

Guest: Bernard Looney CEO of BP