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The best global investment fund

Our goal is to be the leading large investment fund in the world, so we need the best people on our team. We are always on the lookout for top investors, tech talents and other skilled professionals both in Norway and abroad, and we offer fantastic opportunities for students and recent graduates.

People, culture and diversity

Our people are the beating heart of our organisation and our most important asset. Without them, we are nothing.

Experts on a mission

We are a workplace where every employee plays an important role. We are all professionals in our particular fields and take our work very seriously.

Part of a global team

We have offices and colleagues around the world. The markets never sleep, and our teams pass the baton across time zones.

International opportunities

We offer opportunities to work at our offices abroad for both long and short periods.

Multidisciplinary and diverse

Our management team are very visible, communicate extensively and are interested in their people. We strive actively to support, challenge and improve each other.

Careers with a leading specialist employer

We employ top talents in everything from investment management and technology to administrative functions. All to build the investment manager of tomorrow. We offer excellent opportunities for professional development and international placements, which is important for staying ahead in a fast-changing industry.

Career opportunities

We offer opportunities in areas such as asset management, responsible investment, risk management and compliance, operations and administration. Our investment process is driven by technology, therefore we also have experts within technology and cyber security.

Skills development

We want to be a place where people can learn and build relevant skills throughout their careers, and to contribute to their personal and professional development. We are also keen to equip our employees for new areas of responsibility. The fund’s main purpose is to deliver the highest possible long-term return, so we invest in our employees for the long term too.

"I love having the whole world as my workplace, and have been at the fund for more than 12 years. I’ve had new roles and challenges the whole time, which is one of the reasons I’m still here,” says Malin Norberg, Co-Chief Investment Officer Asset Strategies.

International opportunities

Our employees have opportunities to move around internationally and work from our offices in Oslo, London, New York and Singapore. Our global presence brings us closer to the markets we invest in and creates stronger links with partners in different parts of the world. Close collaboration between countries and offices encourages knowledge sharing and strengthens our culture.

My fantastic colleagues and our international mobility opportunities make it impossible to get tired of working here. Benedicte Wessel, Senior Business Manager.

An investment fund with a social mission

We manage the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund on behalf of the people of Norway. The work we do impacts on everyone in the country, every day. This is an important and complex task which asks a great deal in terms of efficiency, compliance, accountability and transparency. Whatever your role at Norges Bank Investment Management, you will help us fulfil our role in society, namely to safeguard the fund’s assets for future generations.

Start your career at Norges Bank Investment Management

Like the idea of working for an investment manager that operates solely for the good of the nation? We are looking for talented young people with varied backgrounds and mindsets and a willingness to take chances. We can offer a unique, international workplace alongside leading experts.

Graduate programme

Our graduate programme gives you the opportunity to rotate between a variety of departments with different responsibilities. The programme is based primarily in Oslo, but with the possibility of working abroad. Upon completion of the graduate programme, you will be transitioned into an entry-level position within our organisation.

Summer internship

Are you a student looking for work experience at one of the world’s largest and most progressive investment funds? Over eight weeks, you will gain a unique insight into our operations by taking part in skills courses, team projects and a lunchtime lecture series from some of our top people.

"This is the place for someone who is curious, values the fund’s global outlook, and has an interest in investment, technology or the intersection of the two. You won’t find a place this exciting", says former graduate Haakon Husøy.

A leading tech employer

As the manager of one of the world’s largest investment funds, we need to be a leader in information technology and analytics so that we can deliver the best possible return. We will continue to embrace new technology in the coming years and are looking for people who can help make Norges Bank Investment Management an industry leader in IT.