About us

Norges Bank Investment Management is the asset management unit of the Norwegian central bank (Norges Bank). We manage the Government Pension Fund Global, often referred to as the Norwegian oil fund.

Norges Bank Investment Management aims to get the highest possible return on the fund within the investment mandate set by the Ministry of Finance. We seek to safeguard the long-term financial interests of Norway's future generations through active management and active ownership. 

Global outlook

The assets of the Government Pension Fund Global are invested outside Norway. The international scope of investments is reflected in our organisation, which has expanded abroad since being set up in 1998. In addition to the headquarter in Oslo, we have offices in London, New York, Shanghai and Singapore. Our global presence brings us closer to the markets we invest in, helping form stronger ties with partners in different parts of the world.

As manager of one of the world's largest funds we have developed a highly skilled investment organisation with a global outlook. We are around  540 employees from 38 nations.

The leader group

In addition to the CEO and Deputy CEO, the leader group in Norges Bank Investment Management has four chief investment officers responsible for the fund's strategies. The leader group also has chiefs responsible for risk, corporate governance, people and operations, compliance and control, and finance, and a Chief Operating Officer.

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