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High activity in our ownership work

Throughout the year, we have strengthened our expectations of companies and followed up through dialogue.

3 March 2022

Today, we have published our eighth report on responsible investment. We have also published the fund’s annual report for 2021 and an updated list of all of the fund’s investments as of year-end.  

We have had high activity in our work with responsible investment throughout the year. Our primary tool is to influence companies through dialogue and voting.  

“For a long time, we have had expectations relating to the climate. In 2021, we made it clear that the companies should have a climate plan with goals of emission reductions in line with the Paris Agreement. We also published new expectations of how the companies should take biodiversity and ecosystems into account in their operations”, says Chief Governance and Compliance Officer Carine Smith Ihenacho. 

We have increasingly developed better methods for identifying companies with high risk relating to the environment, social conditions, and corporate governance. We have particularly considered companies exposed to risk relating to biodiversity, workers’ rights, tax and transparency, and corruption.  

When dialogue is not successful, risk-based divestment might be appropriate. The number of risk-based divestments in 2021 is the second highest we have had since we started doing this. In 2021, we carried out risk-based divestments in 52 companies. In total, we have carried out divestments in 366 companies since 2021.  

Last year, we also started reviewing the sustainability risk in companies before they become part of our benchmark index, so that we can refrain from investing in high-risk companies. We chose to refrain from investing in nine companies that were added to the index in course of the year.  

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