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Responsible investment 2022

Exciting new initiatives

2022 was a year marked by both high activity and ambitious new initiatives for our responsible investment work. We became even more transparent, we published the full list of our company meetings, and we reported more on the outcomes of our work. During the year, we held 2,911 company meetings, voted on 117,392 resolutions and continued to integrate ESG data in our investment processes. This is how we build wealth for future generations.

Published 09 Feb. 2023

Responsible investment 2022

CEO Nicolai Tangen, Chief Governance and Compliance Officer Carine Smith Ihenacho and Global Head of Corporate Governance Wilhelm Mohn presented the highlights of the responsible investment report 2022. The press conference was in English. The 2022 responsible investment report was published at 08:00 on the same day.

11,616 shareholder meetings voted at

Voting is one of the most important tools we have as a shareholder for safeguarding the fund's assets. We voted at 11,616 shareholder meetings in 2022.

97.5 percent voted at

We aim to vote at all shareholder meetings at companies in our portfolio. We voted at 97.5 percent of the company shareholder meetings in 2022.

2,911 company meetings

As a long term investor, we engage in regular dialogue with our largest companies. The aim is to promote good corporate governance and responsible business practices.

Divestments in 2022

In 2022, we divested from 74 companies following assessment of environmental, social and governance risks. Altogether, we have divested from 440 companies since 2012.

74 new divestments

Norges Bank makes decisions on the observation and exclusion of companies after receiving a recommendation from the Council of Ethics. Norges Bank excluded 13 companies in 2022.

13 excluded companies

Company engagements on ESG topics

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics were brought up in 66 percent of our meetings with companies in 2022. These companies make up 61 percent of our equity portfolio.


percent of financed greenhouse gas emissions covered by company engagements


percent of portfolio companies have net zero 2050 targets: 56 if we weight by emissions


percent of equity portfolio invested in climate solutions (MSCI Low-Carbon Transition Score)