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IT careers at Norges Bank Investment Management

Interested in a career in IT at the world’s largest investment fund, working globally on automation, agile methodology, security, cloud technology and AI? Then this is the place for you.

Leader in analytics and data

As the manager of the world’s largest investment fund, we need to be a leader in information technology and analytics so that we can deliver the best possible return. We invest right around the clock, right around the world, and rely on advanced IT systems to communicate with marketplaces and process information continuously.

We need people to work on data integration, data management and data analytics. We have access to huge volumes of information that our data scientists analyse with the help of software and machine learning/AI. We are looking for people to develop, script and build new solutions and work on the integration of different solutions and APIs.

Multidisciplinary, agile and international

Our tech teams work on everything from end-user support to infrastructure, cloud services and security, as well as further development and maintenance of systems and databases. Our IT people work closely with our investment people to ensure that portfolio managers and traders make the best investment decisions.

Our tech environment is designed to be agile. We are moving away from a Big Bang approach in favour of smaller iterations done faster, with different disciplines working together (DevSecOps).

There are around 100 of us working in IT, divided into several teams. We run all our processes globally, with the teams in Singapore, Oslo, London and New York overlapping to cover all time zones. This means that we have things in hand at all times – and also that nobody needs to work through the night.

So if you were based in Oslo, you might be working with people in Singapore in the morning and colleagues in New York in the afternoon. And if you fancy a stint abroad, we offer excellent opportunities for both short-term placements and longer-term positions. These are available to everyone and help us get to know each other and work together better across the different offices.

New solutions and continuous professional development

Our tech teams are constantly on the lookout for new ways of making us even better. This means that we are always testing new solutions and working methods, and we develop a lot of our software ourselves. We have a clear focus on automation, innovation, upgrading older solutions and robust information security.

So it’s important for us to keep building our skills. We attend courses frequently, obtain certifications and go on short- and long-term development programmes to keep our skills updated and ensure a common understanding of concepts and technologies.

All in the cloud

We run all of our solutions in the cloud, as this is secure, flexible and scalable. We were a first mover in Norway in migrating to the cloud, and we aim to stay at the forefront in exploiting opportunities there.

We have not only moved our servers into the cloud, but also gone one step further in software development and process automation by embracing serverless technology and Everything as Code. We are always open to new solutions that can better support our business processes.

"Working on technology in the financial world is incredibly exciting. Our choice of technology must be well-founded and suited to the management of the world’s largest fund", says Matt Hadley, Lead Technology Architect.

We’re looking for

  • Both experienced and newly qualified IT professionals for a variety of positions
  • People with different specialisations, but scripting and automation skills are a must
  • Excellent English, strong analytical abilities and a willingness both to learn and to share knowledge

We can offer

  • Exciting career opportunities in an organisation that aims to be an industry leader in IT
  • A challenging job at one of our offices in Oslo, New York, London or Singapore
  • A chance to make a real difference by helping to safeguard and build wealth for future generations

Last saved: 07/07/2021