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External members appointed to Real Estate Investment Board

Norges Bank’s Executive Board has decided to appoint Christian Ringnes and Petter Fredrik Neslein as external members of the Real Estate Investment Board (REIB).

28 January 2016

The Real Estate Investment Board (REIB) has five full members, including two external members with expertise and experience from investing in real estate.

On Wednesday 27 January 2016, the Executive Board decided to appoint Christian Ringnes and Petter Fredrik Neslein as members of the REIB until 1 January 2017.

Christian Ringnes is a private property investor and the principal shareholder and CEO of the real estate companies Eiendomsspar and Victoria Eiendom. He holds MBAs from both the University of Lausanne and Harvard University.

Petter Fredrik Neslein is the owner and CEO of real estate company Pecunia AS, which manages and develops commercial and residential properties in central Oslo. He holds both an MSc from the University of Fribourg and an MBA from Columbia University.

External members are appointed to the REIB for a term of one year, which may be extended. The CEO of Norges Bank Investment Management, Yngve Slyngstad, chairs the REIB. The other members are the CEO of Norges Bank Real Estate Management, Karsten Kallevig, and Norges Bank Investment Management’s Chief Risk Officer, Dag Huse.

Download the board mandate (PDF)


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