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Ignacio Galán Chair of Iberdrola: Energy transition, permits, speed and values

Iberdrola is at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution. Galán has led the company for over twenty years and has transformed the company into a global leader. Why is this transition going so slowly, what new technologies does he believe in, and where does he get his energy from? Tune in!

The fund's investments in Iberdrola

At the end of 2022 the fund's holdings in Iberdrola had a market value of 26.3 billion kroner or 2.7 billion dollar. In January 2023 we also signed an agreement to acquire a 49 percent interest in a portfolio of solar plants and onshore wind farms located in Spain. The seller of the 49 percent interest was Iberdrola. Iberdrola will remain co-owner and operator of the portfolio.

Last saved: 18/10/2023