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TotalEnergies SE

Ticker: TTE

Meeting date: 28/05/2021

Meeting type: Annual/Special

Proposal Mgt rec Vote
Management proposals
1 Proposal Approve Financial Statements and Statutory Reports Mgt rec For Vote For
2 Proposal Approve Consolidated Financial Statements and Statutory Reports Mgt rec For Vote For
3 Proposal Approve Allocation of Income and Dividends of EUR 2.64 per Share Mgt rec For Vote For
4 Proposal Authorize Repurchase of Up to 10 Percent of Issued Share Capital Mgt rec For Vote For
5 Proposal Approve Auditors' Special Report on Related-Party Transactions Mentioning the Absence of New Transactions Mgt rec For Vote For
6 Proposal Reelect Patrick Pouyanne as Director Vote rationale: The board should exercise objective judgement on corporate affairs and be able to make decisions independently of management. The roles of chairperson and CEO should not be held by the same individual. Where a company founder combines both roles, we may support this for a limited period, provided the board has put in place measures to mitigate any conflicts of interest. Global Voting Guidelines Separation of chairperson and CEO Mgt rec For Vote Against
7 Proposal Reelect Anne-Marie Idrac as Director Mgt rec For Vote For
8 Proposal Elect Jacques Aschenbroich as Director Mgt rec For Vote For
9 Proposal Elect Glenn Hubbard as Director Mgt rec For Vote For
10 Proposal Approve Compensation Report of Corporate Officers Mgt rec For Vote For
11 Proposal Approve Remuneration Policy of Directors Mgt rec For Vote For
12 Proposal Approve Compensation of Patrick Pouyanne, Chairman and CEO Mgt rec For Vote For
13 Proposal Approve Remuneration Policy of Chairman and CEO Mgt rec For Vote For
14 Proposal Approve the Company's Sustainable Development and Energy Transition Mgt rec For Vote For
15 Proposal Change Company Name to TotalEnergies SE and Amend Article 2 of Bylaws Accordingly Mgt rec For Vote For
16 Proposal Authorize up to 1 Percent of Issued Capital for Use in Restricted Stock Plans Mgt rec For Vote For
17 Proposal Authorize Capital Issuances for Use in Employee Stock Purchase Plans Mgt rec For Vote For


This page contains certain information as to the voting intentions of Norges Bank in its role as manager of the Government Pension Fund Global. This disclosure is provided to promote transparency as to Norges Bank’s engagement with investee companies, and in view of its approach to responsible investing. Norges Bank’s voting intention is an internal decision and has not been agreed with any third party. Please note the following:

  • This disclosure is provided for information purposes only. It does not constitute advice and should not be taken as a recommendation or an instruction on any matter, including whether any relevant third party should buy, sell or retain shares, or how any third party should exercise any voting rights they may have. Any person who wishes to obtain advice should seek this from a professional adviser. This disclosure is not a proxy solicitation and is not intended to influence the vote of other shareholders.
  • No reliance should be placed on this information or its accuracy, and Norges Bank accepts no responsibility or liability for any action taken or not taken on the basis of this information. Any relevant third party should form their own views based on their own analysis of the relevant facts and circumstances.
  • To be clear, Norges Bank has no duty of care in respect of any third party who decides to view this disclosure, which shall be done entirely at their own risk.
  • Any information in this disclosure is subject to change without notice. In particular, be aware that Norges Bank’s intentions and the holdings of the Government Pension Fund Global may change over time and, to the extent permitted by applicable law, Norges Bank disclaims any responsibility to update this information as a result of such changes or for any other reason.
  • Securities lending or other activity may mean that the votes cast by Norges Bank are significantly different than its economic or published holding of shares, or significantly different from its holding at the date of this disclosure. No assumption should be made or reliance placed on the number of votes that will be cast.
  • Norges Bank is not subject to any prohibition on securities lending, trading or other activity as a result of this disclosure at any point prior to or after the publication of this disclosure.
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