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NBIM Open Dialogue: Opportunity to comment on forthcoming Investor Expectations for Climate Change

In an effort to increase NBIM’s focus on active ownership in general and climate change management specifically; NBIM is in the process of preparing an expectations document regarding Climate Change Management.

30 June 2009

The document outlines what is expected of companies within NBIM’s portfolio in regards to their management of both climate cha nge mitigation and any physical effects that climate change will incur. The document is based on the same structure as the NBIM Investor Expectations on Children’s Rights that has been well received by both companies and other stakeholders.

As part of NBIMs efforts to be transparent regarding our ownership activities the draft document is now publicly available for comment here:

NBIM Investor Expectations: Climate Change Management (pdf)
And comments can be sent to:

Final date for comments is the 31st of July.

We look forward to your comments.