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Annual report 2013

The Government Pension Fund Global returned 15.9 per cent in 2013, due principally to strong stock markets.

28 February 2014


  • The Government Pension Fund Global returned 15.9 percent, or 692 billion kroner.Equity investments returned 26.3 percent, while fixed-income investments returned 0.1 percent. Investments in real estate returned 11.8 percent.
  • The return on equity and fixed-income investments was 1.0 percentage po int higher than the return on the benchmark indices the fund is measured against.
  • The fund’s asset allocation at the end of the year was 61.7 percent equities, 37.3 percent fixed income and 1.0 percent real estate.
  • The fund’s market value was 5,038 billion kroner at the end of 2013, up from 3,816 billion kroner a year earlier.

Webcast from the press conference