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Marta Pelino, Equities

The fund’s equity investments span around 9,000 companies in numerous countries, industries and currencies all around the world. Marta Pelino explains what it is like being a graduate in Equities.

Matthew NG, Risk

The value of the fund may fluctuate considerably from year to year. We use a variety of measures and risk analyses to obtain the broadest possible picture of the fund's market, ESG and credit risk. Matthew NG explains what it is like being a graduate in Risk.

Owen Yang, Asset Strategies

Asset Strategies manage around 80 percent of the fund's assets under management. Owen Yang explains what it is like being a graduate in the department.

Haakon Husøy, former graduate

“This is the place for someone who is curious, values the fund’s global outlook, and has an interest in investment, technology or the intersection of the two. You won’t find a place this exciting”, says Graduate Haakon Husøy. He found applying for the programme an easy decision.

Snorre Gjerde, Lead Investment Stewardship Manager

Snorre Gjerde has always enjoyed working at the intersection between finance and sustainability. He began his career on the fund’s graduate programme and landed his dream job on completing it. He is now part of a team focusing on environmental issues in the fund’s ownership department.

Career opportunities

Graduate programme

Our graduate programme gives you the opportunity to rotate between a variety of departments with different responsibilities. The programme is based primarily in Oslo, but with the possibility of working abroad.

Start your career at Norges Bank Investment Management

We offer opportunities in areas such as asset management, responsible investment, investment risk, technology, operations, HR and communications.


We are always on the lookout for top investors, tech talents and other skilled professionals both in Norway and abroad, and we offer fantastic opportunities for students and recent graduates.