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Grade Point Average converter

How to calculate your own Grade Point Average (GPA).

Calculation of GPA based on diplomas with alphabetical grades on the ECTS scale

  1. Each alphabetical grade is substituted by numerical equivalent: A=5.0, B=4.0, C=3.0, D=2.0 and E=1.0
  2. The numerical equivalent is multiplied by the number of credits for the course
  3. The products of the course and credits are totalled
  4. The sum is divided by the total number of credits
  5. The quotient is calculated to three decimal points
  6. In the application form we have grouped GPA ranges together. Please select the one that your calculated GPA sits within
    E.g. If your GPA is 3.83 then you should select 4-3


You have finished a bachelor's degree consisting of 30 courses each valued at 6 ECTS credits. You have received 10 As, 5 Bs, and 15 Cs.

To calculate the GPA:

  1. Multiply the grade (A=5, B=4...) by the number of ECTS credits
  2. Multiple the number of courses with the same grade and add them together-> in this example (5x6x10)+(4x6x5)+(3x6x15)=690
  3. Divide the total by the total ECTS credits to find the grade per ECTS, the Grade Point Average -> 690/180=3.83

Last saved: 24/08/2021