Career opportunities

The large size of the holdings managed by Norges Bank Investment Management, implies great responsibilities and corresponding opportunities. We can offer a broad exposure to pressing issues in the industry and great learning opportunities along the whole scope of its specialities.

Investment management

Investment Management is responsible for analysis and investments in equities, fixed income and real estate. The Global Sector team covers investments in major industries, while the Asset Strategy team is responsible for enhanced indexing strategies, and the External Management team is tasked with selecting and following up on investments through external managers.

Risk management

Risk Management is responsible for modelling and analysing our risk exposure, including market and credit risks. Risk Management ensures that the organisation has the appropriate limits and controls in place, and works across the organisation to establish appropriate risk strategies.

Investment advice

Investment Advice plays a key role in formulating our strategic advice to the Ministry of Finance on the fund’s mandate. The group’s core responsibilities are development of investment strategies and assessment of business opportunities.

Responsible investment

Our Ownership Strategies is responsible for exercising active ownership to safeguard the long-term financial interests of all equity investments portfolios. Ownership Strategies analyses company strategy and governance, votes on all shareholder meetings, and engage dialogues with companies, standard setters and other investors.


Trading is responsible for transition management and trading in equities, FX and fixed income instruments and products. The group also provides the required financing for all investment activities and manages the short-term liquidity and securities lending programmes.

Other career opportunities

As one of the world’s largest funds, we offer exciting career opportunities in a wide range of non investment disciplines.  Our support functions deliver best practice solutions on an international level to the entire organisation, and you can pursue a challenging career within strategy, control functions, administration, communications and operations.

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