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Career opportunities

As manager of one of the world's largest funds we offer greatĀ opportunities and corresponding responsibilities. You will get great learning opportunities along the whole scope of specialties within our industry.


Equity strategies

Equities strategies is responsible for a broad array of investment related and relevant functions, from investing in major industries or global credit markets to analysing company meeting transcripts for hidden meanings. As part of the equity strategies team you will conduct in-depth company and sector analysis, provide quantitative research and tools, while developing investment strategies and assessing business opportunities. The area also has a negative selection team which identifies the bad apples among our investments, by looking at companies through a forensic accounting lens. With the help of research and analytics, we inspire differentiation through mining new and innovative data and providing valuable insights to our portfolio managers. In equities strategies, you can actively participate in financial analysis and modelling, making investment recommendations, or attending client and expert meetings to inform our decisions.

Asset strategies

Asset strategies is responsible for managing the fund's broad exposure across equity and fixed income asset classes. This includes the fund's market trading and financing activities globally, as well as cost-efficient index management and selection of external managers. In asset strategies, you can contribute with generating returns from our equity trading activity or with implementing quantitative and event-based strategies for cost-efficient index management. Other teams handle the fund’s market implementation of fixed income and FX strategies across developed and emerging markets, either through trading or by implementing macro strategies to increase returns from government, government related and covered bonds. In addition, the area’s financing activity is focused on generating lending revenue from our securities inventory and trading in money markets. 

Investment risk

In the investment risk area you will get a unique opportunity to take a quantitative and qualitative view of all risks that drive the value of the fund. From the climate to the market, from deep analytical modelling to writing research papers, across all asset classes and instruments, the risk area provides a wide variety of opportunities to specialize in understanding what drives risks and returns for companies and markets. This is achieved through determining and presenting various risk measures, investigating new analytics to uncover hidden risks and working across the organization to establish appropriate risk strategies. The Risk team are also responsible for modelling and analysing our risk exposure, and they ensure that the organisation has the appropriate limits and controls in place. 

Responsible investment

Responsible investments contribute to the long-term economic performance of the fund and reduces the financial risks associated with the environmental and social practices of companies in our portfolio. Over time this supports markets and companies moving in a profitable, sustainable direction. Our work is based on international principles, we promote well-functioning, legitimate and efficient markets and set clear expectations of good corporate governance and sustainable business strategy. As part of this team you will get the oportunity to influence companies through dialogue and by voting at shareholder meetings. The team also assess the financial impact of ESG risks on companies and how companies have impact on the environment and society.


As manager of the world’s largest investment fund we must be a leader in information technology and analytics. We invest around the clock, around the world, relying on advanced IT systems to continuously communicate with marketplaces and process information. As part of our tech teams you will get an opportunity work on everything from end-user support to infrastructure, cloud services and cyber security, as well as further development and maintenance of systems and databases. Our IT people work closely with our investment people to ensure that portfolio managers and traders make the best investment decisions.


The operations team acts as the link between all parts of the organisation. They are responsible for global trade processing, corporate actions, operational taxes, fixed income analytics, valuation, data management and accounting. Operations have implemented and are maintaining robust operational processes to support investments in more than 70 countries. Because of the transaction volumes and the value of the fund, we need to rely on automation, so we constantly seek and analyse for better solutions in all areas using technology as our main tool. 

Real assets - real estate and renewable energy infrastructure

The fund is one of the world’s largest real estate investors, having a global portfolio of high-quality properties. The fund is invested in real estate to improve the long-term trade-off between return and risk in the fund. The real assets department specializes in sourcing and managing investments in both listed and unlisted real estate such as office and retail buildings, and global logistics properties. In 2021, we announced our first investment in renewable energy infrastructure. The real assets team has experts at six offices around the world, where they work on high-impact projects and have close interactions with local market players. This allows them to conduct extensive research and analysis to make informed investment decisions.

Human resources (HR)

Our most valuable asset is our people. In HR you get to the opportunity to work with a whole spectre of employer branding, recruitment, onboarding of new employees, in addition to career and leadership development and mobility between offices and departments. The HR team also handles payroll, benefits and employment laws. You will collaborate closely with hiring managers and engage with top-tier talent globally to find the best individuals to drive the fund forward.     

Communications and external relations

As we manage the fund on behalf of the Norwegian people, we must be the most transparent investment fund in the world. Our aim is to build trust and knowledge about the fund, both in Norway and internationally. To achieve this, the team has the global responsibility for all communications. We handle traditional and social media, the fund's website, corporate branding and are also responsible for the public reporting on the fund. We have our own podcast “In Good Company”, where our CEO do in-depth interviews with the CEOs of some of the largest companies in the world. The team is responsible for external relations, coordinates participation at conferences and organise events, including our own annual investment conference. They work on recruitment communication and organize guest lecturers by our own colleagues at schools and universities. The team also have a strong focus on internal communication, work to share good stories and promote a good culture across our international offices.

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