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Final figures for the first quarter

In the first quarter of 2020, the Government Pension Fund Global returned -14,6 percent, equivalent to -1,350 billion kroner, according to final figures.

23 April 2020

This release is only an update of the main figures that were published 2 April.

The return on the fund’s equity investments were -21.1 percent, and the return on the fixed income investments was 1.3 percent. The return on the investments in unlisted real estate was 0.4 percent.

On 2 April, the fund published preliminary figures for the first quarter. In the preliminary presentation, the return on the investments in unlisted real estate was not updated with valuations of the properties for the first quarter. This has now been included in the final figures.

There is more uncertainty associated with preliminary figures in a volatile market, as was the case around the end of the quarter. After reconciliations and controls have been carried out, some adjustments have been made to the final figures. The return expressed in kroner has been corrected from -1,171 billion kroner to -1,350 kroner, whereas the fund’s change in value that is caused by a depreciation of the Norwegian krone has been corrected correspondingly from 1,147 billion kroner to 1,327 billion kroner.

The presentation that was published on our website 2 April has now been updated with final figures for the quarter.

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Final figures