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Applicant list, CEO Norges Bank Investment Management

The application deadline for the position of CEO of Norges Bank Investment Management expired on 21 February 2020.

25 February 2020

By then, eight applicants had applied for the position.

For one applicant, a request to be exempt from public disclosure has been granted.

Norges Bank is now proceeding with the recruitment process.

Applicant list:

1 Gaarder, Thorbjorn (64) M Chief credit officer 0369 Oslo, Norge
2 Unntatt offentlighet, M ***** *****
3 Tai, Jake (30) M Senior Consultant, Financial Services Advisory 309103 Singapore, Singapore
4 Andersen, Yngvar Willy (61) M Salgssjef 5310 Hauglandshella, Norge
5 Renli, Pål (52) M Senior Investments Project Manager 1367 Snarøya, Norge
6 Halberg, Anders (45) M Director CR8 5BY Kenley, Storbritannia og Nord-Irland
7 Bø, Olav (46) M Avdelingsdirektør 1341 Slependen, Norge
8 Grande, Trond (49) M Deputy Chief Executive Officer 0492 Oslo, Norge