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20 years with investing in equities

Today, we publish an historic review of the fund’s more than 20 years’ experience with investing in equities.

9 December 2020

The fund was set up to diversify the nation’s natural wealth through buying global financial wealth. We converted oil to equities by acquiring a small stake in all easily traded companies in major markets.

The review looks at our approach to buying and holding a broadly diversified equity portfolio, representing the whole global equity market. Many may be familiar with the ease of buying the equity market through an exchange traded fund, but few know what it entails 'to buy the market'. 

The review also tells the story about how we started buying equities two decades ago, and over time built the world’s largest single owned global portfolio of listed companies.

This is the fifth book in a series of historic reviews about how the fund got to where it is.

Press contact:
Thomas Sevang
Head of Communications
Tel: 926 01 756

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