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Gold awards for the fund’s websites and annual reporting

Norges Bank Investment Management has won the Farmand gold award for best website, for best idea and design for the digital communications solution, and the fifth gold award for best annual reporting.

24 October 2019

The Farmand juries congratulate Norges Bank Investment Management with three gold awards in this year’s competition. For both the annual reporting, the website and the digital communications solution, the jury particularly commends the ability to explain the importance of the fund to different target groups.

"Extensive reporting and an informative website ensure the greatest possible transparency about the management of the fund. In addition, innovation is one of our core values. The Farmand awards for 2019 are an important recognition of our efforts with transparency”, says Thomas Sevang, Head of Communications and External Relations in Norges Bank Investment Management.

The website includes continuous updates on the fund’s value, detailed information about the investments, information about the governance work, voting records, advice to the Ministry of Finance, consultations, research and analysis, and additional figures.

The digital communications solution gives the younger generation of Norwegians insight into what the fund is and why it is important for their future.

In 2018, the annual reporting for the fund consists of a main report and three publications with additional information on responsible investment, return and risk and the real estate investments. In addition, complete holding lists and other additional information are published on the website

The Farmand awards are annual awards. Norges Bank Investment Management has previously won gold awards in 2011, 2013, 2016 and 2017.