Extended information on return and risk

Today, Norges Bank Investment Management has published extended information on the return and risk of the Government Pension Fund Global.

20 March 2019

The main purpose of this publication is to give an overview of the fund’s return and risk with a focus on equities and fixed income.

The publication presents our main investment strategies and includes return, risk estimates and costs data for them individually. We have added a section on the consequences of changing asset correlations, as well as one on equity sector risk characteristics across time horizons. As the fund approaches a strategic equity weight of 70 percent, variables such as country and sector composition within equities will have an increasing impact on the long-term risk characteristics.

We distinguish between actual risk and relative risk in this publication. We also present risk adjustments using different metrics. These exercises are not meant to give conclusive answers, but to provide additional insights into our results.

See the report page for return and risk 2018

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