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Comments on the mandate for investments in bonds and unlisted renewable energy infrastructure

In Recommendation 344 S (2018-2019), the Storting agreed that bonds issued by governments and companies in emerging markets should be removed from the benchmark index for bonds, and that a limit of 5 percent of the bond portfolio should be set for investments in such bonds. The Storting also agreed to permitting the fund to be invested in unlisted renewable energy infrastructure within the limit for the environment-related mandates.

The Storting also agreed that the upper limit for the environment-related mandates should be increased from 60 billion kroner to 120 billion kroner.

The Ministry proposes adjusting the management mandate to reflect these changes and asked in its letter of 26 June for the Bank’s comments. The Bank’s comments are sent to the Ministry of Finance.

Read Norges Bank’s letters to the Ministry of Finance here.

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