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Norges Bank Investment Management strengthens leader group

Norges Bank Investment Management expands the leader group with three persons. Carine Smith Ihenacho has been appointed as Chief Corporate Governance Officer, Hege Gjerde as Chief Financial Officer, and Sirine Fodstad as Chief HR Officer.

3 January 2018

Good corporate governance, sustainable business practices and well-functioning markets are essential to safeguard the fund’s wealth for future generations. Responsible investment is of increasing importance for risk management.

”Our responsibility as owner and our work with corporate governance, sustainable business practices and well-functioning markets is extensive and important, and calls for a dedicated area of responsibility in the fund’s leader group”, says Yngve Slyngstad, Chief Executive Officer in Norges Bank Investment Management.

Norges Bank Investment Management is a large global organisation with offices in five countries. Recruitment, people development, cost awareness and cost efficiency are key to maintaining an efficient investment organisation fit for our task. Consequently, the heads of HR and financial will also be included in the leader group.

“Investment is our main area of work, but people development and cost efficiency are key to success. This will now be reflected in the composition of the leader group”, says Yngve Slyngstad.

The appointments had effect from 1 January 2018. They do not cause other organisational changes than the expansion of the leader group of Norges Bank Investment Management from 8 to 11 officers.

Carine Smith Ihenacho has headed the ownership department since August 2017. Hege Gjerde has headed Corporate Management since 2009. She joined the fund in 2004. Sirine Fodstad has headed HR since June 2015.

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