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Expectations on anti-corruption

Today, we present our fourth report on responsible investment. We also publish our expectations towards companies on anti-corruption.

13 February 2018

Working against corruption is an important part of the board’s responsibility. We expect boards to ensure that the company sets a clear policy on anti-corruption and that relevant measures are integrated into business strategy, risk management and reporting.

“We expect all companies we are invested in to have effective anti-corruption measures in place,” says Yngve Slyngstad, CEO of Norges Bank Investment Management.

Today, we publish for the fourth time a broad and comprehensive review of our work on responsible investment in the Government Pension Fund Global. The fund is managed for future generations, and we rely on sustainable business practices to create long-term returns.

“Our work on international standards is an important part of responsible investment. In 2017, we have expressed our expectations of multinational companies on appropriate, prudent and transparent tax behaviour,” says Slyngstad.

Companies and investors are increasingly aware that global challenges will affect long-term returns. We will support companies’ efforts to manage such challenges.

“Data on corporate governance and sustainability can influence our investment decisions. Our goal is to reduce the fund's risk. We want companies to move from words to numbers so that we can get a better understanding of financial opportunities and risks," says Slyngstad.

Report on responsible investment 2017

Expectations on anti-corruption


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