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Nearly 4,000 company meetings

In 2016, we held 3,790 meetings with 1,589 companies. We raised environmental, social or governance issues in half of the meetings.

7 March 2017

Today, we publish for the third time a broad and comprehensive review of our work on responsible investment in the Government Pension Fund Global. Good corporate governance and sustainable business practices are in the fund’s long-term interest. The three pillars of our responsible investment efforts are standard setting, ownership and risk management.

We are an active owner and use our voting rights to safeguard the fund’s investments. We aim to vote at all general meetings. During 2016 we voted at 11,294 shareholder meetings globally. The knowledge of our investment teams underpins our voting decisions.

“We are a large global investor with minority ownership in almost 9,000 companies. Insight is a prerequisite for responsible management. Good corporate governance and sustainable business practices will contribute to higher long-term returns”, says Yngve Slyngstad, Chief Executive Officer of Norges Bank Investment Management.

Our responsible investment approach may lead us to divest from companies following an assessment of environmental, social and governance-related risk factors. We divested from 23 companies on the basis of such assessments in 2016. In the last five years, we have divested from a total of 210 companies.

Responsible investment 2016

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