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Report from academic workshop and a literature review on financial risks from climate change

In June 2015 Norges Bank Investment Management contacted three Norwegian higher education institutions in order to collaborate on an academic workshop to evaluate current thinking and theory on climate change in financial economics, and discuss potential future research questions.

1 February 2016

In September 2015 we agreed to finance a workshop on this topic organised by the economics department at the University of Oslo. The aim of the workshop was to gather a select group of scholars from finance, macroeconomics, environmental and resource economics, and other relevant fields, to explore the potential impact of climate change on financial markets and hence implications for asset management. The workshop was held on 20 January 2016.

Report from the workshop

Norges Bank Investment Management has also funded a literature review to assess the current state of academic research on the topic more broadly. The review was written by University of Oslo PhD candidate Ingrid Hjort.

Literature overview

Our ambition is that the findings of the workshop and the literature review can contribute to existing knowledge in this area, and can establish a good starting point for further academic research.