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Decision to end observation of Alstom

In 2011 Ministry of Finance decided to put Alstom SA under observation. Based on a new recommendation from the Council on Ethics, Norges Bank has now decided to end the observation.

22 December 2015

The Ministry of Finance’s decision to put Alstom SA under observation was based on an assessment of risk of gross corruption in the company's operations. The observation period was set for four years. The Ministry asked the Council on Ethics to observe the company and follow developments in the company's anti-corruption efforts.

In a recommendation of 28 October 2015 the Council on Ethics advices that Norges Bank takes Alstom SA of the observation list. The Council on Ethics notes that the risk of future corruption in the company is reduced, and the risk now is probably not higher than in other comparable companies. Norges Bank has therefore decided to end the observation of Alstom SA.

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