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Investment philosophy and strategy

“ Are you confident enough to do contrarian bets and follow your conviction even when they go against the market? Popular opinion is not always correct, but you need to be aware of the ego-pitfall” Malin Norberg, Co-chief Investment Officer Asset Strategies, Norges Bank Investment Management

Building successful investment organisations

“ Talking about psychological safety is easy, especially when things are going smoothly. But when the chips are down and you feel like you are in the storm, that is when you as an individual and we as an organisation are really tested.’’ Patrick du Plessis, Global Head of Risk Management, Norges Bank Investment Management

See the 2023 Investment Conference on geopolitics

The topic of the investment conference 2023 was geopolitical tensions and implications for investors. It took place on 25 April at our Oslo office. Some speakers have requested not to be included in the recording.