2017 Benchmark

31 December 2017

Benchmark index as at 31 December 2017 *

 Asset class   Strategic benchmark index   Actual benchmark index 
 Asset class  Fixed income  Strategic benchmark index   30.00 Actual benchmark index 32.95
 Asset class  Equity  Strategic benchmark index   70.00 Actual benchmark index 67.05
 Asset class  Total  Strategic benchmark index    100.00 Actual benchmark index 100.00

 EQUITY   Strategic benchmark index   Actual benchmark index 
 EQUITY 70.00 Strategic benchmark index 67.05
 EQUITY  Country
 EQUITY  Brazil  Strategic benchmark index 0.87
 EQUITY  Chile  Strategic benchmark index 0.15
 EQUITY  Colombia  Strategic benchmark index 0.05
 EQUITY  Canada  Strategic benchmark index 2.25
 EQUITY  Mexico  Strategic benchmark index 0.35
 EQUITY  Peru  Strategic benchmark index 0.04
 EQUITY  US  Strategic benchmark index 36.08
 EQUITY  Total Americas  Strategic benchmark index 39.79
 EQUITY  Belgium  Strategic benchmark index 0.71
 EQUITY  Finland  Strategic benchmark index 0.63
 EQUITY  France  Strategic benchmark index 5.28
 EQUITY  Greece  Strategic benchmark index 0.05
 EQUITY  Ireland  Strategic benchmark index 0.16
 EQUITY  Italy  Strategic benchmark index 1.60
 EQUITY  Netherlands  Strategic benchmark index 1.98
 EQUITY  Austria  Strategic benchmark index 0.22
 EQUITY  Portugal  Strategic benchmark index 0.12
 EQUITY  Spain  Strategic benchmark index 1.88
 EQUITY  Germany  Strategic benchmark index 5.57
 EQUITY  Euro area  Strategic benchmark index 18.21
 EQUITY  Denmark  Strategic benchmark index 1.07
 EQUITY  Poland  Strategic benchmark index 0.15
 EQUITY  Russia  Strategic benchmark index 0.39
 EQUITY  UK  Strategic benchmark index 9.97
 EQUITY  Switzerland  Strategic benchmark index 4.65
 EQUITY  Sweden  Strategic benchmark index 1.78
 EQUITY  Czech Republic  Strategic benchmark index 0.01
 EQUITY  Turkey  Strategic benchmark index 0.14
 EQUITY  Hungary  Strategic benchmark index 0.04
 EQUITY  Total Europe  Strategic benchmark index 36.41
 EQUITY  United Arab Emirates  Strategic benchmark index 0.10
 EQUITY  Egypt  Strategic benchmark index 0.02
 EQUITY  Israel  Strategic benchmark index 0.17
 EQUITY  Qatar  Strategic benchmark index 0.07
 EQUITY  South Africa  Strategic benchmark index 0.90
 EQUITY  Total Middle East and Africa  Strategic benchmark index 1.25
 EQUITY  Australia  Strategic benchmark index 2.51
 EQUITY  Phillippines  Strategic benchmark index 0.17
 EQUITY  Hong Kong  Strategic benchmark index 1.31
 EQUITY  India  Strategic benchmark index 1.26
 EQUITY  Indonesia  Strategic benchmark index 0.26
 EQUITY  Japan  Strategic benchmark index 9.05
 EQUITY  China  Strategic benchmark index 3.08
 EQUITY  Malaysia  Strategic benchmark index 0.32
 EQUITY  New Zealand  Strategic benchmark index 0.12
 EQUITY  Pakistan  Strategic benchmark index 0.03
 EQUITY  Singapore  Strategic benchmark index 0.50
 EQUITY  South Korea  Strategic benchmark index 1.88
 EQUITY  Taiwan  Strategic benchmark index 1.63
 EQUITY  Thailand  Strategic benchmark index 0.43
 EQUITY  Total Asia and Oceania  Strategic benchmark index 22.55
 FIXED INCOME   Strategic benchmark index  Actual benchmark index
 FIXED INCOME 30.00 Strategic benchmark index32.95
 FIXED INCOME  CAD  Strategic benchmark index3.10
 FIXED INCOME  CLP  Strategic benchmark index0.09
 FIXED INCOME  MXN  Strategic benchmark index1.66
 FIXED INCOME  USD  Strategic benchmark index44.61
 FIXED INCOME  Total Americas  Strategic benchmark index49.47
 FIXED INCOME  CHF  Strategic benchmark index1.46
 FIXED INCOME  CZK  Strategic benchmark index0.29
 FIXED INCOME  DKK  Strategic benchmark index0.58
 FIXED INCOME  EUR  Strategic benchmark index26.76
 FIXED INCOME  GBP  Strategic benchmark index5.63
 FIXED INCOME  HUF  Strategic benchmark index0.19
 FIXED INCOME  ILS  Strategic benchmark index0.46
 FIXED INCOME  PLN  Strategic benchmark index0.72
 FIXED INCOME  RUB  Strategic benchmark index0.53
 FIXED INCOME  SEK  Strategic benchmark index1.07
 FIXED INCOME  ZAR  Strategic benchmark index-  
 FIXED INCOME  Total Europe, Middle East and Africa  Strategic benchmark index37.68
 FIXED INCOME  AUD  Strategic benchmark index1.90
 FIXED INCOME  HKD  Strategic benchmark index0.12
 FIXED INCOME  JPY  Strategic benchmark index7.01
 FIXED INCOME  KRW  Strategic benchmark index2.07
 FIXED INCOME  MYR  Strategic benchmark index0.45
 FIXED INCOME  NZD  Strategic benchmark index0.27
 FIXED INCOME  SGD  Strategic benchmark index0.44
 FIXED INCOME  THB  Strategic benchmark index0.60
 FIXED INCOME  Total Asia  Strategic benchmark index12.85

* The Ministry of Finance has set a plan for the gradual increase of the equity share in the strategic benchmark index to 70 percent pursuant to the mandate § 1-5 (3).

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