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Responsible investment 2018

Our mission is to safeguard and build financial wealth for future generations. We manage the fund responsibly in order to support the investment objective of the highest possible return with a moderate level of risk. Read about our responsible investment in 2018.

7 February 2019

How we work

Establishing principles

We aim to contribute to well-functioning markets and good corporate governance. We recognise a set of international standards and contribute to their further development. Our expectation documents, position papers and voting guidelines make clear our priorities as a long-term investor.

Excercising ownership

We aim to promote long-term value creation at the companies in our portfolio. We use our voting rights to support effective boards. In our dialogue with companies, we discuss the board’s responsibilities and equal treatment of shareholders. We work with companies to increase the information available to investors and encourage good business practices.

Investing sustainably

We aim to identify long-term investment opportunities and reduce our exposure to unacceptable risks. We assess how companies impact on the environment and society. We see opportunities in companies that enable more environmentally friendly economic activity. There are also companies we choose not to invest in for sustainability or ethical reasons.