Management costs 1998-2017

The below table shows the development in management costs for the period 1998-2017. Costs are reimbursed by the Ministry of Finance, and are specified in the management costs note in the annual report for the fund for the same period.

Management costs per asset class. Basis points

Year Total Fund Equity asset class Fixed-income asset class Real estate asset class
Year1998Total Fund5.1Equity asset class8.1Fixed-income asset class3.8
Year1999Total Fund8.7Equity asset class14.5Fixed-income asset class4.8
Year2000Total Fund10.9Equity asset class20.3Fixed-income asset class4.5
Year2001Total Fund7.4Equity asset class12.1Fixed-income asset class4.3
Year2002Total Fund9.1Equity asset class15.3Fixed-income asset class5.0
Year2003Total Fund10.4Equity asset class16.3Fixed-income asset class6.2
Year2004Total Fund10.5Equity asset class17.1Fixed-income asset class5.9
Year2005Total Fund10.6Equity asset class18.6Fixed-income asset class5.1
Year2006Total Fund9.8Equity asset class17.3Fixed-income asset class4.7
Year2007Total Fund9.3Equity asset class14.9Fixed-income asset class5.1
Year2008Total Fund10.6Equity asset class15.6Fixed-income asset class5.6
Year2009Total Fund13.8Equity asset class18.2Fixed-income asset class7.9
Year2010Total Fund10.5Equity asset class13.7Fixed-income asset class5.6
Year2011Total Fund8.1Equity asset class10.2Fixed-income asset class4.8Real estate asset class64.3
Year2012Total Fund6.2Equity asset class7.4Fixed-income asset class3.8Real estate asset class55.4
Year2013Total Fund6.6Equity asset class8.0Fixed-income asset class3.4Real estate asset class37.9
Year2014Total Fund5.9Equity asset class7.2Fixed-income asset class3.0Real estate asset class27.3
Year2015Total Fund5.7Equity asset class6.6Fixed-income asset class3.1Real estate asset class18.5
Year2016Total Fund5.2Equity asset class5.9Fixed-income asset class2.8Real estate asset class19.6
Year2017Total Fund6.0Equity asset class7.0Fixed-income asset class2.8Real estate asset class23.3
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