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The first 20 years of investing with company insight

Investment strategies tailored to the fund's characteristics

Internal active equity management has enabled the fund to develop investment strategies tailored to its characteristics. This book is an historic review of the fund’s more than 20 years’ experience in this area. Company insight is critical in fulfilling our role as a large and long-term owner of companies. The company insight strategies have been based on knowing companies in depth. We have unsurpassed access to company management and conduct more than 3,000 company meetings every year

Published 22 Apr. 2021

The book was presented at a virtual NBIM Talk

Chief Executive Officer Nicolai Tangen introduces former CEO Yngve Slyngstad and several people from the fund who talk about the fund's 20 years' experience in this area. The participants are: Petter Johnsen, Chief Equities Officer, Sigmund Kyrdalen, Global Head of Special Mandates and Finn Hvistendahl, Senior Portfolio Manager.

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