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25 years of investing in fixed income

Fixed income for the long term

This book looks at our approach to invest in fixed income to safeguard our assets for the long term. It explains how our fixed-income management originated from the central bank’s management of the foreign exchange reserves. The role of fixed income in the fund is to reduce return fluctuations, meet liquidity needs and reap bond market risk premiums. These objectives still stand today despite low interest rates.

Published 08 Sep. 2021

The book was presented at a virtual NBIM Talk

Chief Executive Officer Nicolai Tangen introduces former CEO Yngve Slyngstad to take us through the fund’s 25-year history of investing in fixed income. We also meet Asgeir Haugland, Global Head of Fixed Income, Gøril Havro, Head of Fixed Income Europe, Malin Norberg, Global Head of Fixed Income Trading and Pauli Mortensen, Head of Fixed Income Rates Trading to learn more about how the management has evolved.

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