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The first 20 years of investing in equities

From oil wealth to financial wealth

The fund was set up to shield the Norwegian economy from ups and downs in oil revenue. This book tells the story of how we started buying shares two decades ago and gradually built the world’s largest single owned global portfolio of listed companies.

Published 09 Dec. 2020

The publication was presented at a virtual NBIM Talk

Chief Executive Officer Nicolai Tangen introduces former CEO Yngve Slyngstad and several people from the fund who talk about the fund's equity investments. The participants in the talk are: Emil Framnes, Global Head of Trading, Geir Øivind Nygård, Chief Asset Strategies Officer, Per Einar Ellefsen, Global Head of Equity Enhanced Indexing, Matt Brunette, Global Head of Financing and Brad Katsuyama, who is the CEO and co-founder of the IEX, the Investors Exchange.

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