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Our people

We manage one of the world’s largest funds, but remains a small, flexible and cost-effective organisation. We operate globally, yet we know our colleagues well.

654 employees

37 nationalities

4 offices around the world

“Wherever I’ve been in the organisation, whatever role I’ve had, there are always people who are ready to discuss things and help you. Everyone has expertise and knowledge they’re happy to share", says Snorre Gjerde, Head of Environmental Initiatives.

Our values

Our mission is to safeguard and build financial wealth for future generations.

Excellence – we always strive to deliver

We are committed to a high degree of professionalism. Our investment philosophy based on diversification and specialisation leads us to use various investment styles and strategies in a focused and consistent manner. Accuracy and thoroughness are at the core of our business culture.

Integrity – we do the right thing

As individuals, we stand for honesty, integrity and loyalty. Recognising the importance of reputation, we keep a modest profile as representatives of our organisation. We have a culture characterised by openness, tolerance and accountability.

Innovation – we encourage new ideas

In order to succeed, we are willing to take risks, and we have corporate culture that embraces change. We encourage different approaches and views. Creativity and flexibility are vital for developing new investment opportunities and adapting to changing market environments.

Team spirit – we work together as one team

As colleagues, we respect and support each other. We believe that co-operation and interaction create a strong organisation. We never underestimate the value of enthusiasm and a good sense of humour.

Diversity makes us stronger

One of our top priorities is to promote diversity. To achieve our goals, we need to be a diverse and inclusive workplace where different outlooks challenge habitual ways of thinking and working. We are looking for diversity of gender, mindset, ethnicity, age, academic background and life experience alike.

Working together across disciplines

We work actively to support and improve each other, wherever in the world we work. We have a hands-on management team who communicate extensively and are interested in their people.

The best things about working here are the people and the work-life balance that the fund offers. I’ve always had an interest in meeting people with different backgrounds, since I attended an international school in Tokyo growing up. Steve Ito – analyst, investment administration.

An active social life

We offer a wide range of social and leisure activities. From sports clubs to an art society, there is something for everyone.

Perks and benefits

As a public-sector employer in Norway, we offer generous terms when it comes to pensions, parental leave, special leave and holidays – including for those working at our offices abroad. Other perks include the use of holiday cottages. We offer considerable flexibility when it comes to working from home. All of our employees are committed, dedicated professionals who have a passionate interest in their work and are happy to go the extra mile to do the best possible job. At the same time, we want to be a workplace that can be combined with family time and leisure interests.

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Career opportunities

We can offer a broad exposure to pressing issues in the industry and great learning opportunities along the whole scope of its specialities.

Vacant positions

Our goal is to be the best investment manager in the world, so we need the best people on our team. We are always on the lookout for top investors, tech talents and other skilled professionals both in Norway and abroad.

More about us

We manage assets worth about 16,000 billion kroner, or 1,590 billion dollar. The fund is invested in international equity and fixed-income markets and in real estate and renewable energy infrastructure.