Mission and values

Our Mission

We work to safeguard and build financial wealth for future generations.

Our values

Excellence – we always strive to deliver

We are committed to a high degree of professionalism. Our investment philosophy based on diversification and specialisation leads us to use various investment styles and strategies in a focused and consistent manner. Accuracy and thoroughness are at the core of our business culture.

Integrity – we do the right thing

As individuals, we stand for honesty, integrity and loyalty. Recognising the importance of reputation, we keep a modest profile as representatives of our organisation. We have a culture characterised by openness, tolerance and accountability.

Innovation – we encourage new ideas

In order to succeed we are willing to take risks and we have a corporate culture that embraces change. We encourage different approaches and views. Creativity and flexibility are vital for developing new investment opportunities and adapting to changing market environments.

Team spirit – we work together as one team

As colleagues, we respect and support each other. We believe that cooperation and interaction creates a strong organisation. We never underestimate the value of enthusiasm and a good sense of humour.