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Equity management

The fund’s equity investments are spread across the world to capture broad gains in stock markets.

The fund's largest geographic exposure is to Europe and North America, followed by developed markets in Asia and Oceania and emerging markets.

Equity investments are in a wide range of sectors. The overall sector exposure is based on market capitalisation. Norges Bank Investment Management also targets bigger stakes in selected companies and markets that are expected to outperform over time.

Investments are limited to companies listed on regulated stock exchanges and companies where the board of directors has said it intends to seek a listing on a stock exchange. The fund has an upper limit of 10 percent on ownership in any given listed company.

Norges Bank Investment Management may seek to take positions in special situations such as new share sales, changes to capital structures and in companies planning to be listed on exchanges. These investments will typically be held for several years.

Market exposure strategies

The fund’s stock investments take the FTSE Global All Cap Index as a starting point. This was set as a reference by the Ministry of Finance.

Emulating the composition of a benchmark index is known as an indexing strategy. Investments will generally be spread across the same regions and sectors, and in the same proportion as the benchmark index. This can range from pure indexing, when a fund manager exactly replicates the composition of a benchmark, to a more flexible approach. Norges Bank Investment Management uses a more active strategy to enhance performance and beat the return on the benchmark. A large share of the fund’s equity investments are managed using this type of strategy.

Sector strategies

Norges Bank Investment Management seeks to identify investment opportunities in selected companies in targeted industries. Portfolio managers are given mandates to invest in listed companies in a specific industry or market. Each manager analyses stocks to find investments with the potential for good returns over time.