Industry initiatives

We prioritise selected issues across the companies in the portfolio through thematic or industry initiatives. Topics include our focus areas children’s rights, water management and climate change.

Our work on industry initiatives has three main angles: we wish to develop and improve the information available to investors, we wish to support initiatives that can help companies manage risk, and we wish to contribute to improved industry practices. These initiatives are typically closely related to our efforts within standard setting and ownership.

Examples of initiatives

Norges Bank Investment Management has initiated a water and mining data initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to expand and improve non-financial data about these sectors in a consolidated database. Such information is not easily available. We have therefore invited mining companies, industry experts, and mining industry associations to contribute to the development of the data.

Norges Bank Investment Management has signed the Social and Labor Convergence Project, an initiative facilitated by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. The aim is to improve social and labour conditions in the apparel industry. The initiative will work to develop a standard for how companies in the industry assess social and labour conditions in their supply chains. The initiative seeks to contribute to a more sustainable apparel sector through standardised processes, common tools and a possible certification of companies and their supply chains.