Chevron Corporation

Ticker: CVX

Meeting date: 25/05/2016

Record date: 30/03/2016

Meeting type: Annual

Security ID: 166764100

Proposal Mgt rec Vote

Management proposals

1a Elect Director Alexander B. Cummings, Jr. - Resigned None None
1b Elect Director Linnet F. Deily For For
1c Elect Director Robert E. Denham For For
1d Elect Director Alice P. Gast For For
1e Elect Director Enrique Hernandez, Jr. For For
1f Elect Director Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. For For
1g Elect Director Charles W. Moorman, IV For For
1h Elect Director John G. Stumpf For For
1i Elect Director Ronald D. Sugar For For
1j Elect Director Inge G. Thulin For For
1k Elect Director John S. Watson For Against
2 Ratify PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as Auditors For For
3 Advisory Vote to Ratify Named Executive Officers' Compensation For For
4 Approve Non-Employee Director Omnibus Stock Plan For For

Shareholder proposals

5 Report on Lobbying Payments and Policy Against Against
6 Adopt Quantitative GHG Goals for Products and Operations Against Against
7 Annually Assess Portfolio Impacts of Policies to Meet 2 Degree Scenario Against For
8 Annually Report Reserve Replacements in BTUs Against Against
9 Increase Return of Capital to Shareholders in Light of Climate Change Risks Against Against
10 Report on the Result of Efforts to Minimize Hydraulic Fracturing Impacts Against Against
11 Require Director Nominee with Environmental Experience Against Against
12 Amend Bylaws -- Call Special Meetings Against For
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