Academic Visits

The academic institutions in Norway may apply for funding to invite scholars in finanical economics of high international standing for short visits.

The NFI Academic Visits Programme aims to strengthen the ability of academic institutions in Norway to attract scholars in financial economics for short visits and seminars and to strengthen Norges Bank Investment Management's ties with the academic community. The programme is also designed to enhance the education in financial economics for students in Norway.

An academic visit is eligible for support when given by a highly esteemed international scholar. A visit may consist of a combination of research seminars at academic institutions in Norway, graduate-level courses and undergraduate lectures at the academic institutions, and also include a seminar, lecture or similar event at Norges Bank Investment Management. For longer visits, it is expected that the visiting scholar contributes to teaching and research as permanent faculty members.

Academic institutions in Norway are encouraged to cooperate to attract international scholars to Norway. The NFI may increase its funding if the scholar holds seminars at more than one academic institution in Norway, or if the seminar/lecture is open to students and/or faculty members at more than one academic institution in Norway.

The allocation of funding is considered on an ongoing basis.

For more information please contact:
E-mail: [email protected]

Granted support:

Harald Uhlig, Professor of Economics at The University of Chicago. «Financial markets and the macroeconomy». NHH, May 2012.

Lars Løchstøer, Professor of Finance at Columbia Business School. “Parameter Learning in General Equilibrium: The Asset Pricing Implications”. UiO and NTNU, October 2012.

Ruey S. Tsay, Professor of Econometrics and Statistics at Chicago Booth. «Advanced Time Series Analyses». HiOA, March 2014.

Kenneth J. Singleton, Professor of Management at Stanford University. «Computing in Economics and Finance» (CEF) conference. BI, June 2014.

Espen Eckbo, Professor of Finance at Tuck School of Business
at Dartmouth. “Empirical Research in Corporate Finance”. PhD Course at NHH in
September and December 2014.

Lars Løchstøer, Professor of Finance at Columbia Business School. Lecture for students on "academic careers" at NHH on August 18, 2015.

Alexander Ljungqvist, Professor of Finance at Stern School of Business, New York University. Mini PhD course and research talks. NHH, June and August, 2015.

Ronald Masulis, Professor of Finance at the UNSW Australia Business School, Sydney. Mini PhD course on topics in corporate finance. NHH, August 2015.

Maureen O`Hara and David Easley, Professors of Finance at Cornell University. Mini PhD course titled "Finanical Market Microstructure". NHH, May 2016.

Murillo Campello, Professor of Finance at Cornell University. Mini PhD course titled "Identification Strategies in Finance". NHH, August 2016

Turan G. Bali, Professor of Finance at Georgetown University. Mini PhD course in Empirical Asset Pricing. Nord Universitet, June 2017.

Jonathan Karpoff, Professor of Finance at the Foster School of Business, University of Washington. PhD course in Corporate Governance. NHH, June 2018.

Ronald Masulis, Professor of Finance at the University of New South Wales. PhD course titled "Recent Evidence on CEO Incentives". NHH, September 2018.

NTNU organised a PhD summer school in finance with support from the NFI. August/September 2019. 

Hanno Lustig, Professor of Finance at the Stanford Graduate School. Academic Seminar at BI, September 2019. 

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