NFI Summer school

With the NFI Summer School, we aim to motivate talented students for PhD studies in financial economics.

A significant fraction of Norway's public wealth is invested in financial assets. An important question is how academic research in finance and economics can help managers to take informed decisions.

The Summer School lasts for one week, and consists of lectures by leading international scholars on topics in financial economics. In addition, the students will be given information and advice about PhD studies in Norway and abroad.

The social programme provides excellent opportunities to meet with leading international scholars, local faculty and representatives from Norges Bank Investment Management.

The NFI covers travel within Norway and accommodation in Oslo during the weeklong Summer School.


Applicants must fulfil the following minimum criteria to be considered:

  1. The applicant is a Norwegian national or an EEA-national. For an applicant who is a national of an EEA state (except for Norwegian nationals) it is also a requirement that the applicant has resided in Norway for a continuous period of at least two years prior to the time of application, and

    a) has employee status in Norway; or
    b) has a permanent residence in Norway; or
    c) is a spouse/cohabitant with, or a child of, a person mentioned in a) or b).

  2. Eligible students will normally have completed a Bachelor's degree, but talented students earlier in their course of study may also apply.

  3. Eligible students may come from universities and equivalent institutions (vitenskapelige høgskoler) in Norway or from academic institutions abroad.

  4. An academic background in economics or finance is not required.


Assessment of applications

The NFI's discretionary assessment of individual applications will be based on the recommendations by the NFI Summer School Committee, consisting of faculty members from NHH, BI, NTNU, UiS and UiO. 

In its selection, the Committee will attach importance to whether the student demonstrates potential and motivation for PhD studies in financial economics.

Late or incomplete applications will normally not be considered. However, in order to pursue the objective of the programme, the NFI administration may , in special cases and at its sole discretion, allow applicants to re-submit complete applications by a deadline determined by the NFI administration, or determine to postpone the deadline for applications.

How to apply

The next NFI Summer School is organised from 15 to 19 June 2020.

The application deadline for the 2020 Summer School has been extended to 15 April 2020.

Fill in the application form and send the form with required attachments to [email protected]

We accept applications in both English and Norwegian.

For more information please contact:

Anne Misje
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +47 2407 3178

The 2018 summer school

The sixth summer school took place in Oslo 18 June – 22 June 2018. Professor Øyvind Norli from the BI Norwegian Business School (BI) gave lectures on topics within corporate governance and corporate finance space, and addressed topics such as executive compensation and social networks. Professor Anna Pavlova from London Business School (LBS) lectured on the topic of asset pricing, and discussed issues such as institutional asset managers and their influence on asset prices.

13 students attended the summer school.

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