The Norwegian Finance Initiative (NFI) aims to strengthen financial economic research and education in areas relevant for the long-term management of the Government Pension Fund Global.

Main objectives

Strengthen financial economic research and education in Norway

The initiative provides long-term incentives (programmes) to promote excellence in financial economic research and education at academic institutions in Norway. We believe that the fund will benefit from having strong academic environments close to us. The NFI supports academic institutions in Norway in attracting scholars of high international standing to Norway for shorter or longer periods. The initiative awards publication bonuses to faculty members at academic institutions in Norway for outstanding research contributions. NFI also seeks to motivate talented students to pursue PhD studies in financial economics, and awards PhD scholarships to students accepted at top-ranked international PhD programmes. 

Support financial economic research relevant for the long-term management of the fund

Many of the questions and challenges we face in the management of the fund intersect with the international research forefront. Through the NFI Research Programme, we aim to facilitate research of the highest international standard on topics of particular relevance for the long-term management of the fund, such as asset pricing and portfolio theory, market micro strucure, responsible investment, corporate finance and corporate governance.

The Norwegian Finance Initiative was officially announced at the first Financial Research Conference in August 2011.