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  • Final report of the High-Level Forum on capital markets union

    the companies in which it invests. We support the development of international standards that promote well-functioning markets and facilitate cross-border

  • Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure

    level and for financial markets as a whole. We support the development of standards, transparent methodologies and disclosure of consistent and objective data

  • FSB Peer Review on Corporate Governance

    peer reviews is, inter alia, to assess the effectiveness of international financial standards in realizing their intended results. The FSB makes an interesting

  • Performance results 2017 - GIPS

    Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) and has prepared and presented this report in compliance with the GIPS standards. Norges Bank Investment Management

  • Annual report 2006

    cent. Since 1998, around 40 per cent of the portfolio has consisted of international equities, while 60 per cent has been invested in fixed income instruments

  • LME position paper on responsible sourcing

    objective of ensuring that its listed suppliers are compliant with international standards for the responsible sourcing of metals. We also agree with the need

  • Financial risk associated with climate change

    associated with climate change in the portfolio, and on the status of key international initiatives in this area that the Bank is involved in. The Ministry also

  • Clear expectations towards companies

    the fund. Key areas of this work include developing and promoting international standards and principles, expressing expectations towards companies, and being

  • Investment insights

    Norwegian Finance Initiative, we support academic institutions in attracting international researchers to Norway, reward outstanding research contributions, issue

  • Consultation by the Japan Responsible Supply Chains Committee

    Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP). In line with these international standards, companies should have an adequate supply chain management system

  • Operational Risk Management

    (CEO) has the overall responsibility for operational risk management and internal control. All employees have an individual responsibility to report operational

  • Consultation on the PRI’s Human Rights Framework for Institutional Investors

    corporate governance standards and practices at international and market levels and seek to promote adherence to recognised international principles. The UN

  • Responsible management of renewable energy infrastructure

    reduce environmental impacts, respect human rights and adhere to global standards for responsible business conduct. The environmental risks and opportunities

  • Expectation document on tax and transparency

    Norges Bank has prepared a new expectation document on transparency in international corporate taxation. The Standing Committee states that it has high hopes

  • Strategy plan 2020-2022

    topics of relevance for our management of the fund. We will publish more internal research and strengthen our collaboration efforts with academics, peers