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Porsche and Volkswagen CEO: Leadership, iconic cars & Chinese competition

Join us for an exciting drive with Oliver Blume, the CEO of Porsche & Volkswagen! Oliver talks about his love of cars, the magic of the Porsche 911, Chinese competition in the EV market and how he splits his time leading two companies. When Porsche got listed in 2022, we were a cornerstone investor, and today we own over 1 percent of Porsche and Volkswagen. We are in the race together, so let us go for a ride.

The fund's investments in Porsche and Volkswagen

At the end of 2023 the fund's holdings in Porsche had a market value of 1.6 billion kroner or 155.7 million dollar. The fund's holdings in Volkswagen had a market value of 6.6 billion kroner or 646.8 million dollar.

Last saved: 15/05/2024