Advisory boards

​The fund's advisory boards consist of external specialists and market practitioners providing advice to the organisation within certain specific areas.

​Real Estate Advisory Board  ​

The Real Estate Advisory Board acts as an advisory forum for the Chief Investment Officer of Norges Bank Real Estate Management. The board advises on proposed unlisted real estate investments, including the commercial aspects, pricing, risk and strategic rationale. All investments above a certain threshold must be presented to the board before a final decision is made.

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​Scientific Advisory Board  ​

The Scientific Advisory Board advises the fund on the activities of Norges Bank's Norwegian Finance Initiative (NFI). The board is an independent committee of internationally renowned professors of financial economics. It supports the NFI by providing independent, credible and impartial recommendations on academic matters, such as the evaluation of candidates for co-sponsored professorships or PhD programmes.

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Allocation Advisory Board

The Allocation Advisory Board is an advisory forum for the CIO Allocation Strategies. The advisory board advises on key areas within finance and economics related to asset allocation decisions and gives insights into new academic research within this field. It also provides independent assessment of investment opportunities, allocation decisions and investment strategies. 

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