Our culture

Norges Bank Investment Management is a global investment manager. Working with us, you will interact with and learn from highly qualified and professional colleagues from around the world.

Our increasingly global portfolio is reflected through the diversity of our staff. Our employees represent top talent from about 30 nations. The opportunity to interact with and learn from leading professionals from a broad variety of professional, educational and cultural backgrounds is one of the added benefits of a career at Norges Bank Investment Management.

We retain a sharp focus on performance, professionalism and sound ethics. We aim to be innovative and at the forefront of new developments. To help achieve our targets, teams are expected to actively share ideas and best practices. Flexibility, an understanding of common goals and a strong team spirit will help you grow as a member of our organisation.

The level of change and innovation in the organisation also provides a rich environment for learning and development. As a member of our team, you will be involved in projects and activities that challenge and extend your professional skills and expertise.

To further consolidate our organisation, we invest in our people. As one of us, you should expect ample opportunities and a sharp learning curve – provided you show the required capabilities and drive. We believe in delegating responsibility and devote resources to training, tools and challenges that will enable and motivate you to do your very best.

Last saved: 24/08/2020