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Our culture

Norges Bank Investment Management attracts leading specialists from a wide variety of professional, educational and cultural backgrounds. Above all, we value professionalism, performance and teamwork.

High standards

We aim high for both our investments and our people. We work hard and are ambitious within a flat hierarchy. A global investment manager will always be a demanding working environment, but we are motivated by common goals and a strong team spirit. Across the organisation, we help one another, show initiative and take responsibility. This creates space to develop our own roles, take on more and make the most of our individual strengths.

International and diverse

The fund is global, and so is our workforce, which includes some of the industry’s top talent. A career with us means the chance to work with and learn from leading specialists from a wide variety of professional, educational and cultural backgrounds.

You will join a team of highly skilled and professional colleagues from all around the world. Our international working environment helps each and every one of us to build cultural awareness, yet we are keen to create an even more diverse workplace that sees the potential in people regardless of gender, background or mindset.

Professional development and career opportunities

Change and innovation define Norges Bank Investment Management and contribute to a rich environment for learning and development. We believe it is important to involve one another in projects and activities that challenge and expand our knowledge and capabilities. An innate entrepreneurial spirit means that we are always keen to learn and comprehend. We are people who delve deeply into tasks, problems and challenges. We do everything we can to gain the best possible understanding so that we can take the best decisions.

We invest in our people. When you start with us, you can expect a steep learning curve and a wealth of opportunities. We believe in delegating responsibility and investing in training, tools and challenges that motivate people and enable them to achieve their very best. We encourage staff to attend courses, complete educational programmes and gain certifications, and are good at sharing knowledge within the organisation itself.

Good communication and flat hierarchy

We actively share good ideas and best practices with one another so that collectively we perform as best possible. As a relatively compact organisation, we offer a short route from having a good idea or identifying a challenge and it being presented to senior management and the idea realised or the problem solved. This way of working is highly motivating. Our flat hierarchy and the faith we have in one another also mean that everybody, regardless of job description or position, has a hands-on role in our day-to-day work.

We have a strong culture of sharing and communicating, both between departments and countries and between management and other staff. This is no place for big egos, and we treat each other with respect even when mistakes are made.

Busy social life

It is important to have a life outside work. We therefore support a broad range of social and leisure activities. A range of sports clubs and societies for everything from art to wine and beer mean there is something for everyone.

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