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Cookies are files containing small amounts of information which are downloaded to the device you use when you visit a website. These files enable us to recognize your web browser and know from which country, region and city you are visiting our site, but does not give us any directly identifiable information about you, such as name, address etc.

Why does Norges Bank Investment Management use cookies?

Norges Bank Investment Management uses cookies to deliver and adapt the webpages for you, such as by collecting information about which browser you use and your internet speed.

Further, we use cookies to analyse the number of unique visitors we have and whether our website has previously been visited by the same machine/browser. This information is used in order to develop and improve our website, such as by detecting which pages that generate most traffic and whether some of the pages are not working properly.

In addition to the cookies that are used by Norges Bank Investment Management, we do also give permission to certain third parties who deliver services to us, such as Google Analytics, to use cookies. You can find information about how Google uses collected data here:

How to manage cookies

You can find a list of cookies that have been stored in the settings in your web browser and delete undesired cookies. Your web browser normally stores cookies in a specific folder on your hard disk as well, where you can examine the contents in more detail. Read more about cookies and how cookies can be managed and disabledere (in Norwegian).

NB: Disabling cookies may prevent our website from working properly.

Below, we have prepared a list of the cookies that we use on our website, with a brief description of their purpose.

List of cookies

Arrafinity – This cookie allows us to ensure that the user talks to the same server during the entire session.

ASP.NET_SessionId - This session cookie is essential for the website to operate and is set upon your arrival to the site. This cookie is deleted when you close the browser.

__atuvc – This cookie is enables visitors to share content with a range of networking and sharing platforms.

­­__atuvs – This cookie enables visitors to share content with a range of networking and sharing platforms.

BC_BANDWIDTH – This cookie is used to detect bandwidth in order to deliver video on the page.